No noise please.

Vocal Health!!/Rest/How do you rest?/blahblah… I arrived here (london) shitting it about money and my next meal, so basically that is my main focus for the foreseeable.. I’m starting drama school soon on an acting course and it got me thinking, I NEED to keep up my vocal health and singing too! I can’t afford … More No noise please.

Nailing the Aud.

HOW DO YOU DO THIS?????????????????????????? The very question i asked myself after leaving my recent audition, based on imitating a certain member of a Swedish band. #supertrouper It’s all part of the development process in the industry whether we love it or hate it. There must be a secret to getting good at nailing the … More Nailing the Aud.

”Don’t quit yer day job”

Or how about, ”Well have I seen you in anything?” or maybe… ”Ah yeah but it’s not a real career” even ”what are you REALLY doing?” my fave, ”Yeah but you cant rely on it can you” ——————————————————- These types of people are particularly wonderful aren’t they? Almost as wonderful as crappy temping jobs providing … More ”Don’t quit yer day job”